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It’s no secret that quality land is a premium investment that is only going to skyrocket in value as demand continues to increase and quality acreage becomes more and more sparse. Looking into Texas ranch sales near Austin is a forward-thinking move that will not only benefit your immediate family but even generations to follow as the property becomes an heirloom. However, there are a lot of developers in Texas claiming they offer the best value for your buck. In this article, we will address the top eight reasons why True Texas Ranches is the land developer you should trust with this significant, lifelong purchase.

Top 8 Reasons Why True Texas Ranches is the Right Land Developer For Your Family

If you’re looking for Texas ranch sales near Austin, Texas, you really can’t do much better than True Texas Ranches. Aside from the high value offered for the price, we select some of the best locations outside Austin. Here are the top eight reasons why investors should trust True Texas Ranchers with their business!

1.     Gorgeous, Thoughtfully Crafted Ready-Built Homes: With gorgeous homes ranging from 2200 square feet to over 3500, True Texas ranches offers a variety of different lodgings to choose from, all with varying amounts of acreage. That way, you can choose how much you want land management or livestock raising to be part of your ranch experience—or if you simply want to take it easy in your new home and enjoy the spectacular views of the peaceful countryside.

2.     Included Land in a Variety of Different Acreages: Which each purchase of one of our beautifully designed homes, investors can choose from lot sizes ranging from five to over 12 acres. Whether your intention is to use the land for hunting or fishing purposes, cultivate a garden or crops, or raise livestock and other animals, investing in quality acreage is actually one of the safest ways you can store your net worth.

3.     Peaceful, Rural Land…But Not Too Far from Everything You Need: If you’re craving the privacy, sanctity, and natural beauty that comes with living on rural land, you can do no better than True Texas Ranches. Generally located between one and two hours from Austin, your family will have ample opportunity to still hit the town on the weekends and explore all that Austin has to offer—while enjoying the quieter, simpler life of country living.

4.     Community and Neighbors with a Similar Mindset: One thing about rural communities is that everyone looks out for each other; whether it comes to the classic door-to-door knock seeking a cup of sugar when you’ve run out or a neighbor with a large diesel truck offering to pull your rig out of a muddy ditch, as much as country folks tend to value their peace and privacy, they understand the importance of an interdependent community based on shared experiences and survival.

5.     Land Preservation and Stewardship at the Forefront: Here at True Texas Ranches, we believe in our responsibility to honor the land by protecting local waterways, vegetation, and soil quality by adopting time-honored stewardship practices, including long-term perspective cattle ranching. True Texas Ranches’ co-owners, Jim Boushka and David Carpenter., are lifelong ranchers and land developers and seek out investors willing to carry on the practice of responsible land stewardship.

6.     Quality Land with Water Access: What could be better than ranchland with free-flowing, potable water for tending your cattle, crops, garden, or sod. This is not to mention acreage with flowing water or a lake makes for a sightly backdrop as the sun comes up in the morning, and can even offer opportunities for passing the time fishing with loved ones.

7.     Near the Awesome City of Austin, TX: What’s not to love about Austin? Known as the Life Music Capital of the World, Austin offers everything from museums to mouthwatering restaurants and a bustling bar scene, which can make for fun and memorable weekend excursions. Besides, you could find everything you might ever need to buy within Austin city limits—from formal wear to work boots, raw leather and fabrics, libations, and more!

8.     Quality Construction Built to Last for Generations: At True Texas Ranches, we design each property to not only last a lifetime—but to carry on well into the future as an heirloom property for your children and your children’s children. True Texas Ranches is all about crafting homes built to last with attention to detail, so you can be sure the infrastructure we’ve built for your family will last for many years to come.

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Premium Texas Ranch Sales Near Austin with True Texas Ranches

No matter how you cut it, Austin, Texas can be an exciting place to live. But if the bustle of city life isn’t quite your scene, you can always seek out quality Texas ranch sales near Austin like those offered by True Texas Ranches. We are proud of our work and would love to be a part of your family’s legacy so you can live out the American dream–with everything you could ever need right at your feet.

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